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2020/2021 FESTIVAL

Our 2020 and 2021 festivals were unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus. When we first made our decision to cancel our 2020 festival, we never dreamed that we would also be cancelling the 2021 festival. Despite our disappointment, our thoughts always remained with those who were affected by the virus. Although the festivals were unable to go ahead, they are still a part of our history as a film festival, and so we believe the plans for the 2020 festival still deserve a place in our archive. Several months’ worth of work had been put in and so we want to highlight the amazing contributions of our team. Most of these films will be shown as part of the 2022 Green Film Festival @UEA.



Christine is an Associate Professor at UEA in Film, Television and Media, with an interdisciplinary research interest in environmental issues. Christine founded the festival and has been the Festival Director since 2016.


This year we were lucky enough to hire several interns to help run the festival. These interns were students studying at UEA, who had an interest in sustainable living and cinema. 


Anna manages the partnership and outreach work of the festival.  She is a Film and Media Studies Postgraduate Researcher at UEA. Anna is passionate and concerned about the environment, nature and is excited to be working on a project that combines her love of film with important work on green issues.


Kat is a poet from Bristol. She is currently reading for an MA in Creative Writing Poetry at UEA. As well as the GFF@UEA, Kat works with the Republic of Consciousness Small Press Prize. She is active in environmental and animal rights movements, and has a keen interest in the power of narrative and documentary films.


Abby is the web designer for the 2020 festival and has previously volunteered for the festival. She is a Postgraduate Researcher in Film Studies at UEA. Through her studies, Abby has developed an interest in the potential benefits and challenges that technologies could have on the environment and the word as we know it.


Alex helped with the Green Film Festival in 2019 and is returning for another year. This time she is involved with social media. When she is not online, she can be found with her head in some books, studying for her Masters in Climate Change and International Development at UEA.

Festival Coordinators

The 2020 festival also had some amazing volunteers helping to coordinate the festival. This included Alex Smith (AMA), Miriam Kent (AMA), 'Tony' Antonio Degouveia (AMA), Jo-Anne Veltmann (CHAIN), Mark Crutchley (Norwich Greenpeace). We are grateful for all of the help they gave us, they were truly invaluable and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Tony Pic_edited.jpg

Tony’s interests in environmental film and activism are born from his own postgraduate research in Film Studies at UEA. He has been involved with the GFF@UEA since its initiation, and has fulfilled a number of roles, including, the introduction of films, being a post-screening expert panellist, and leading schools filmmaking and environmental workshops. 


Miriam Kent is a film and media academic with an interest in human rights and cinema. She has researched superhero films as a site of the complex representation of identity issues, and has a further interest in fantasy and science-fiction narratives. She has aided in the successful delivery of GFF for several years and has been a committee member since 2019.


Alex is a returning member of the GFF@UEA Team. She has been with us since 2019 and has returned to run our social media platforms. Alex is currently preparing alongside Dr. Cornea, for a trip to India to complete filming on multiple short films. 

Jo-Anne Pic_edited.jpg

Jo-Anne works in communications and campaigns for Climate Hope Action In Norfolk (CHAIN). Jo-Anne has worked with the festival for several years, helping us to organise, as well as participating in several events.


Mark Crutchley is a member of Norwich Greenpeace, and part of GFF@UEA's Coordinating committee. Mark worked with the festival to assist us in selecting our films and creating a festival which strives towards being environmentally conscious.

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