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Young Environmental Filmmakers

Original Invitation

Thursday 16 May


Schools Workshop Day: Young Environmental Filmmakers

Julian Study Centre, UEA

The University of East Anglia invites Year 9 and 10 pupils to take part in a special event for Schools, for this year’s Green Film Festival. As part of our celebration of green inspired films, pupils will be treated to a premiere screening of the eco-documentary film, The Human Element (2018), and will be encouraged to make their own environmental short film, either as a school project, individually or as a group.

All pupils will be provided with a free, environmentally friendly, Morsbag, containing their toolkit for the day, as well as a free GFF@UEA badge.


60 Morsbags were generously donated by the St Nick's pod in North Walsham, Norfolk. A Morsbag is a recycled, reusable, fabric, handmade, strong, washable, and unique bag that is used instead of a plastic bag and is always given away for free. 200,508 Morsbags have been made and given away, potentially replacing over 100 million plastic bags. Each student on our film studies workshop will get their own to take home tomorrow. It contains a toolkit for making their own environmental film!​


Christine is an Associate Professor at UEA in Film, Television and Media, with an interdisciplinary research interest in environmental issues. Christine founded the festival and has been the Festival Director since 2016.


This year we were lucky enough to hire several interns to help run the festival. These interns were students studying at UEA, who had an interest in sustainable living and cinema. Each intern took on different roles, and were a big part in helping to make 2019 our best year yet!


Alex has been involved in managing our social media content for this year’s festival. She has also been busy conducting interviews, editing videos, and photographing this year’s festival. Alex is currently undertaking her Masters Degree in Film Studies here at UEA and is also Vice President of UEA's Filmmaking Society. 


Kieya was an amazing help during the 2019 festival.  Kieya helped with festival marketing, and coordinating with UEA's events team.  Kieya was also instrumental in organising a presentation from Rajasegaran Kuppusamy, who works with the United Nations.


Alex is involved with social media for the 2019 festival. When she is not online, she can be found with her head in some books, studying for her Masters in Climate Change and International Development at UEA.


The 2019 festival also had some amazing volunteers helping to coordinate the festival. This included Miriam Kent (AMA),  Antonio Degouveia (AMA), Jo-Anne Veltmann (CHAIN), Mark Crutchley (Norwich Greenpeace). We are grateful for all of the help they gave us, they were truly invaluable and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Tony Pic_edited.jpg

Tony’s interests in environmental film and activism are born from his own postgraduate research in Film Studies at UEA. He has been involved with the GFF@UEA since its initiation, and has fulfilled a number of roles, including, the introduction of films, being a post-screening expert panellist, and leading schools filmmaking and environmental workshops. 

Jo-Anne Pic_edited.jpg

Miriam Kent is a film and media academic with an interest in human rights and cinema. She has researched superhero films as a site of the complex representation of identity issues, and has a further interest in fantasy and science-fiction narratives. She has aided in the successful delivery of GFF for several years and has been a committee member since 2019.


Jo-Anne works in communications and campaigns for Climate Hope Action In Norfolk (CHAIN). Jo-Anne has worked with the festival for several years, helping us to organise, as well as participating in several events.


Mark Crutchley is a member of Norwich Greenpeace, and part of GFF@UEA's Coordinating committee. Mark worked with the festival to assist us in selecting our films and creating a festival which strives towards being environmentally conscious.


Friday 10th May 2019
Norwich Castle Museum

19.30 - 19.40

Introductory Talk

Dr. Christine Cornea (UEA Film, Television and Media Department). 

19.40 - 21.10


Sharkwater: Extinction (2018)

21.10 - 21.40

Expert Talk & Q&A

Expert talk and Q&A with shark expert, Dr Sian Foch-Gatrell

Thursday 16th May 2017
Julian Study Centre and The Enterprise Centre, UEA 

09.45 - 14.45

Schools Workshop Day: Young Environmental Filmmakers

Year 9 and 10 pupils to take part in a special event for Schools

19.30 - 19.40

Introductory Talk

Hayley Pinto (Climate Hope Action in Norfolk)

19.40 - 21.00


The Reluctant Radical (2018)

21.00 - 21.30

Director Q&A

Skype Q&A with director Lindsey Grazel and activist Ken Ward

Friday 17th May 2017
The Enterprise Centre, UEA 

17.30 - 19.00


Public dramaturgy workshop: 'Climate Onstage - Environmental Issues in Theatre'

19.30 - 19.50

Introductory Talk

UK anti-fracking activist Tina Rothery

19.50 - 21.20


Unfractured (2017)

21.20 - 21.45

Director Q&A

Q&A with director Chandra Chevannes

Saturday 18th May 2018
The Enterprise Centre, UEA 

14.00 - 14.10

Introductory Talk

Dr. Antonio Degouveia (UEA Film, Television and Media Department)

14.10 - 15.45


Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

15.45 - 17.00

Discussion Panel

Public discussion panel: 'Toxic Racism - the fight for climate justice'

17.00 - 18.00

Book Launch

Book Launch: 'A film-philosophy of ecology and enlightenment'

18.00 - 19.00

Namaste Cafe

Vegetarian and vegan meals available to festival attendees

19.00 - 19.30

Introductory Talk

Rajasegaran Kuppusamy (Head of Technical Engineering Unit (TEU) for the United Nations, International Organisation for Migration Iraq)

19.30 - 20.45


Antoe's Ark (2018)

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