Abby has previously worked for the festival having built its first ever dedicated website in 2020. She has also volunteered in previous years of the festival as an event steward. As a Postgraduate Researcher at UEA, Abby has just submitted her doctoral thesis, which was fully-funded by the CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership. Abby's research explores the symbiotic relationship between science and its fiction and is particularly interested in the development and communication of artificial intelligence. Since working for the festival Abby has also developed an interest in the potential benefits and challenges of innovative technologies on the environment and the world as we know it.


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 Kamran is an award-winning British Film and Television Director and Academic. His research within film and television includes English language feature films, US television drama series, Indian Cinema and Australian Film and TV, along with directorial experience with his new feature film Only Love Matters, the first movie in cinema history on the subject of intersexuality set in Britain. Kamran has also directed many television drama series, TV shows, and documentaries. Kamran teaches Film, Television and Media at the University of East Anglia and his PhD was in Professional Practice in Film, Television and Media from UEA. Website: www.kamranqureshi.com.


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This is Ryan’s first year working with the Green Film Festival and he is currently in the final year of his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the UEA. Ryan is investigating microplastics for his dissertation in collaboration with CEFAS and has also worked with plastic reducing companies such as RefillMyBottle. Ryan’s interests are in sport and wildlife, and he takes a keen eye to any projects that aim to make these areas greener and more accessible.


Miriam Kent is a film and media academic with an interest in human rights and cinema. She has researched superhero films as a site of the complex representation of identity issues, and has a further interest in fantasy and science-fiction narratives. She has aided in the successful delivery of GFF for several years and has been a committee member since 2019.


Alex is a returning member of the GFF@UEA Team. She has been with us since 2019 and has previously run our social media platforms. More recently, Alex redesigned the 2022 website ready for the festivals relaunch. Alex is also currently working as a Senior Research Associate on the Global Challenges Research Fund Project. She has to date produced and edited 9 short documentary films in association with the project, a number of which have a focus upon environmental issues. When Alex is not working on these projects, she can be found teaching herself animation and motion design.

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Ellie will be specifically working on the GFF@UEA's special event on plastic waste. She is currently a third-year undergraduate student studying Climate Change and hopes to continue studying this at Master's level next year at UEA.

Assisting with the organisation and creation of the plastic event, she has a passion for education on overconsumption and environmental impacts of individuals. When not studying, Ellie can be found at the Sportspark acting as treasurer for the netball club and partaking in many sporting activities.


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Tony’s interests in environmental film and activism are born from his own postgraduate research in Film Studies at UEA. He has been involved with the GFF@UEA since its initiation, and has fulfilled a number of roles, including, the introduction of films, being a post-screening expert panellist, and leading schools filmmaking and environmental workshops.


Alex has kindly worked as a volunteer technician for the Green Film Festival @UEA since 2016. It is Alex who operates the screening equipment and patiently makes sure that certain technical aspects work smoothly for the festival.

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Dr. Iram Qureshi is a media academic and an award-winning film and television producer and director. She has in-depth knowledge of pioneer British women film directors and post Second World War British Cinema. She also has experience of producing a feature film, Only Love Matters, during Covid, focusing on the safety of the cast, crew and environment. Iram joins us this year to lead a workshop for the festival, entitled: ‘Film and Environment in the Time of Covid.’  



Christine is an Associate Professor at UEA in Film, Television, and Media, with an interdisciplinary research interest in environmental issues. Christine founded the festival and has been the Festival Director since 2016. Christine has recently partnered with the Kalinger Institute of Social Sciences in India, who are launching their Green Film Festival in 2022. Alongside her work for a transdisciplinary Global Challenges Research Fund project called ‘Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals’, Christine has recently produced and directed 15 short documentary films, a number of which directly focus on environmental issues. Christine welcomes any inquiries about the 2015-2022 festivals and can be contacted at c.cornea@uea.ac.uk.

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Andrew is Associate Professor in the School of Chemistry at UEA, where he runs a group researching microplastic waste and novel ways to detect it.  He got involved in film-making through media/TV appearances relating to work on microplastics, then working with Christine and Alex on a Global Research Translation project, setting up a microplastics analysis network in Malaysia, where multiple films have been produced for training, education and publicity.  Through this, exploring plastics in the environment evolved into a theme for GFF, resulting in a focused event blending science, art and film to highlight issues with plastics, showcase responses and promote practical solutions.

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